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2nd September 2012

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Mathew Robinson

Dear Toys R Us,

I’m not sure if you will ever read this yourself, but I have a story that needs to be heard.

1 year ago today, I walked into the Toys R Us in Clive, Iowa. My 4-year old son Peter, was in the hospital receiving Chemotherapy for his bone cancer that he had been battling since he was diagnosed at age 2. The doctors said that he probably would not make it through the night. I obviously could not tell Peter that, so I asked him if there was anything that he really wanted that evening. He said to me “Daddy I want a teddy bear. I don’t feel good”. I PROMISED him that I would get him a teddy bear before he fell asleep. So I drove to the Toys R Us as soon as he told me. As soon as I got to the store, I rushed in and found the closest teddy bear. I then got the the cashier, only to realize that I had forgotten my wallet at the hospital. I was crushed and began to panic in fear that I could not keep my promise to my son. I quickly thought
, and finally decided to approach the customer service desk and explain my situation and my urgency to get back. After listening to my story, they gladly handed me the bear at no cost. I was stunned at this act of generosity and kindness. After much thanks to the compassionate employees, I rushed to my car, and then back to the hospital. As I approached Peter’s bedside, I gently tucked the stuffed animal under my son’s arm. He said “Goodnight daddy”. I responded “Goodnight Peter. I love you”. I realized that this was probably the last time I would return these words to my son. Once he was sound asleep, I pulled a chair to his bedside, and watched him sleep. I wanted stayed up the whole night. The next morning, I realized I had dozed off. I looked at Peter, then kissed his forehead for, what I thought, was the last time, then I wept. Much to my surprise, I saw my son stirring and then open his eyes. I was filled with an indescribable happiness and joy. The first words he said to me were “thank you very much daddy for the teddy bear”.

I am happy to say that Peter is now strong, healthy, and cancer-free.

I am a very religious man, and I do believe in miracles. I also know that God works in strange ways through other people. I truly believe that the employee at Toys R Us worked a miracle for me.

Thank you SO much Toys R Us!

God Bless,


-found this on facebook thought it was worth sharing

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